Referee Certification

We need more parents and players to become referees at HSC: NYSA. If you hold a current US Soccer Federation referee certification, please email to request to be placed on our referee list.

Our club pays referees (on a sliding scale) due to the fact that referees must pay to be certified as well as purchase their own referee uniform and gear (watch, cards, flags, etc.). This is the only paid position at the club. 

Per US Soccer, prospective referees must be 13 years of age or older. (Neither the state referee committee nor our club have any ability to over-ride this requirement.) Below are the steps to becoming a referee:

Becoming a Grassroots Referee in the US Soccer Referee Program consists of accomplishing both of the following:
1. Grassroots Online Course
2. Attend a Grassroots In-Person New Referee Course

If you are 18 years of age or older, you must also complete the following two mandatory items:
1. US Soccer NCSI Online Background Check – valid for two years
2. SafeSport Online Training (Federal Law) – valid for two years

What To Do Next
Please visit the "Steps to Becoming a Grassroots Referee" page on Tennessee State Soccer Association's web site. There you will find the specific steps and links to the Referee Learning Center.

Once you take the class, pass the test and receive your patch, please contact us at to be added to our list of referees.